Enviromental Comission: Introductions

Enviromental Comission: Introductions

Dylan Khumalo

Independent Journalist

14th March 2019

Everything is off to a good start as Leyla Farrand, the chair of the Environmental Commision, begins with a presentation informing the delegates about what ZiMUN is all about. After the opening presentation, an interactive activity was then put to place to give the delegates a chance to meet and greet each other with the accents of the country they’re representing. Once all the fun was completed, the delegates began making their resolutions regarding the the ivory trade or waste production and textile resources. Countries were split into groups based on which issues they chose to address. They were also split according either for or against the and if they were against or for the issue. As they prepare chair person Kudakwashe advises those representing asian countries to be for the issue of ivory trade due to their reliance on the resource. Delegates created google documents shared with other and continue to discuss of the clause giving each other brilliant ideas on how the issue would be taken on.

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