ZiMUN 2019 Opening Ceremony

ZiMUN 2019 Opening Ceremony

14 March, 2019

Shaah Kamuruko

Reuters Newspaper

As the delegates arrive they prepare their name and country cards and calmly enter the auditorium for the opening greeting.  It is opened by a brief greeting followed by a performance of the national anthem by Harare International School’s very own Megan Kadzirange and Zimbabwean influencer Ammara Brown. A brief introduction was made by the school’s director discussing the importance these type of conferences have, and the value that comes with connecting young minds to world issues. Deputy secretary generals Reena Said and Neha Bhagat share a speech with the delegates pointing out the topics that will be discussed during the conference and the significance of they have. They strive not to only discuss these topics but actively debate to create solutions for these world issues. They are followed the the secretary general Itai Mutasa who welcomes the future leaders of tomorrow. She mentions the conferences main theme “a world in crisis” and challenges the delegates to reach as far and wide to debate with the world in mind.

Mr. Fred Swaniker, an esteemed, guest speaker is welcomed to the stage. He opens with a brief history of his life describing his global interactions and his life experiences. He shares the official United Nations goals that the world should achieve, and he states that a lot of the world issues are to be solved in Africa before any other place in the world

“Africa is going to be the place that is going to solve many

of these problems today…Africa is uniquely positioned to

produce 21st century innovations that will drive sustainable development…”.

Fred Swaniker

He comments on Zimbabwe’s economic constraints and called the digitization of currency (RTGS) and “innovation”. Africa has tremendous potential but it is being held back by the leaders, and he points out the importance of the next generation of leaders who have experienced these issues first hand. He touches on the lack of professors and how that should not inhibit one’s learning. One student who was self taught in her Computer Science class grew up to be accepted stanford after the experiences she had learning Computer Science.  

“Continue to learn as the world evolves…and prepare to be a leader of the world.”

He continues and lists the African Leader’s University 7 grand challenges, which is how degrees are earned at the institution.

  • Urbanization
  • Education
  • Infrastructure
  • Health Care
  • Climate Change
  • Governance
  • Job Creations

He also mentions the 7 great opportunities that go hand in hand with the 7 grand challenges.

  • Agriculture
  • Natural resources
  • Arts, culture and design
  • Tourism
  • Empowerment of women
  • Regional integration
  • Wildlife conservation

He closes his speech with a task for the delegates; to challenge the conventional solutions, and to express Africa’s future leaders’ creativity in solving problems.

A thrilling performance by Ammara Brown is made as she interacts with the crowd and shares an interactive speech with the delegates. The ceremony is closed by some short housekeeping announcements, prepping the delegates for the future debates as well as a few remarks of gratitude.  

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