ECOSOC: Morning Debate

ECOSOC: Morning Debate

Shaah kamurko

Reuters newspaper

15 March 2019

To start off the second day of the conference, the delegates in the ECOSOC room began by reading over the new resolutions submitted. The delegate of Pakistan talked about the geographic ways to keep open access to the hormuz straits. He stressed a few key points to back up his resolution, mentioning that it would benefit all countries and turn into a multimillion dollar initiative. The delegate of Finland was first to make a contradictory remark highlighting that one of the clauses is contradictory, makes no sense and does not make a difference to the resolution posed.

“are there any other points that can be

added to the clause to make it more powerful”

The delegate of Ecuador and the delegate of Kuwait made remarks to do with the contradictory clauses. The delegate of Pakistan started to repeat answers, lacking formality, that is the use of personal pronouns.  The delegate of Mexico pointed out a key fact regarding country borders however the delegate of Pakistan disregarded these points. During the second round of points of information the delegate of Pakistan entertained  2 points of information. The delegate of South Africa and Turkey were recognized. Soon after the points of information were shared, the floor was yielded to the delegate of the United States, followed by the United Kingdom. The delegate of the United Kingdom took to the floor to read out their amendment to the resolution created by the delegate of Pakistan and their co-submitters. The delegate believed that two of the clauses should be merged to make it more significant. The delegate of germany commended the delegate of the United Kingdom for the “great” amendment. The delegate yielded the floor to the delegate of Australia to speak for the amendment that the delegate of the United Kingdom had made.

The delegate of Mexico spoke against the amendments that were made and made key points backed up by facts. The first part of the debate ended with the majority of the rom voting for the amendment and the resolution as a whole.

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