Chair Profiles

Chair Profiles

Economic and Social Council
Saalihah Kazi

Hello everyone! My name is Saalihah Kazi and I am from Chispite senior school. I have attended 4 MUN Conferences. My hobbies include shopping, travelling and being spontaneous. I love a good iced vanilla latte.

Kuzivakwashe Khuleya

Hey Guys.
My name is Kuzivakwashe Khuleya and I am half Zimbabwean ,half Mozambican.
My Hobbies include Reading books, programming, gaming and gyming.
“Everything has another purpose!“
Fédération Internationale De Football Association
Munesushe Mushosho

My name is Munesushe Mushosho and I am a sixth former at Peterhouse Girls. I was born and raised in Zimbabwe. I am involved in multiple clubs at school but I particularly enjoy MUN, Debate, Choir and Marimbas. I also enjoy dancing and playing volleyball. I believe that in a world full of loud voices shouting to be heard, the most effective voices are the quiet and reasonable ones that come from those who listen first.

Nyasha Nheta

My name is Nyasha Nheta. I am I’m Grade 11 at Harare International School, and I’m Zimbabwean. I enjoy cooking, being with friends and family, and watching movies.My favourite quote is “Don’t wait until you’ve reached your goal to be proud of yourself. BE proud of every step you take forward reaching that goal” – Simone Biles
General Assembly

Vincent Mugwati

Hey everyone. My name is Vincent and I am a young and highly enthusiastic social being. I am in love with academics and am interested in a future career in Medicine.
I am also passionate about golf, tennis, hiking, winemaking, creative writing, community service and going out with friends.

Nabusya Sikana

My name is Nabusya Sikana, most people call me Nana. I am Zambian. My hobbies include knitting, cooking, swimming, dancing and learning new languages. “Live life to the fullest”
Human Rights Council
Natalie Tikiwa

My name is Natalie Tikiwa and I am an upper six at Arundel School. I am zimbabwean. I enjoy being outdoors and taking long walks. Travelling is my therapy,I’m all about new experiences—especially ones out of my comfort zone.

Taridzo Mavhondo

Hey guys, I’m Taridzo Mavhondo and I am an Upper Six at Arundel School. My hobbies are cooking, listening to music, and, of course, debating. I’m excited to hear the interesting and constructive debate in the Human Rights Council. Can’t wait to see you all!
‘Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.’ – Rumi
Security Council
Chenai Sabeta-Boadi

Kayla Dzoro

My name is Kayla Dzoro. I am Zimbabwean and I enjoy reading, cooking and spending time with people I love. My life goal is to show love in everything I do.
United Nations Children’s Fund

Shannon Chingozho

Salutations! My name is Shannon Takudzwa Chingozho and I am a proud Zimbabwe citizen. In my spare time I enjoy taking part in community service and reading science fiction novels.
“To plant a tree you must first nurture its seed”

Faith Kwedyo

Hey Guys. My name is Faith Kwedyo, a grade 11 student at Harare International School. I’m Zimbabwean. I love cooking, all things music, and reading novels. Super excited for the conference 🙂
United Nations Environment Programme

Sophia Johnson

Hello Everyone! My name is Sophie, and I am from the United States but have travelled all my life. My hobbies are contemporary dancing, playing the ukulele, and listening to musicals like Hamilton. I can’t wait to chair this conference, and please do not fall asleep in my room 🙂 (yes, I have seen this happen).

Ayman Isam

Hey, I’m Ayman and I’m in Grade 11 at Harare International School. I’m from Bangladesh and this is my 9th school. I like programming, playing badminton, robotics, STEM, and making random things. Looking forward to meeting you guys.
World Health Organization
Rufaro Mupondi

Hola chico. Me llamo Rufaro and I am a senior at Harare International School. I am  from Zimbabwe.  I have no previous ZiMUN experience although I have attended three other MUN conferences. I enjoy singing in my free time. Looking forward to a wonderful conference!

Nakai Gumbo

Hello. My name is Nakai Gumbo and I’m from Zimbabwe. In my free time I like reading, making art and cooking. I enjoy being around my friends, but I also enjoy being alone. I also love listening to music… My favourite genre is R&B/Soul. Peace & Love 🙂