General Assembly – Introduction

General Assembly – Introduction


Hannah Amia

On the first day of ZiMUN, Thursday, delegates gathered their room, and listened to honourable guest speaker, Mr. John Hishmeh.

After, to reduce tensions in the room, three icebreakers were played The first one was more introductory and involved delegates making a line to and saying their name along with the name of the person in front of them, so on and so forth. This ensured that there was basic introduction and the delegates in the room no longer felt like extreme strangers. The second ice breaker involved delegates writing down the craziest thing they had ever done (anonymously) and then these were read out loud. This further reduced the tension that was initially in the room, and increased the delegates ability to debate freely. The last ice breaker played was a hot seat which was suggested by one of the delegates. A person stands in the front of the room and the rest of the people ask them questions that they have to answer. It was enjoyable watching delegates ask light hearted questions like “who is the most attractive person in this room?” and “who has the most rizz?”.  It truly showed the new friendships that were going to blossom from this event. Thereafter, delegates proceeded into lobbying and merging for the rest of the day where delegates drafted their resolutions to be debated. 

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