World Health Organization (WHO): DAY 2

World Health Organization (WHO): DAY 2

Author: Nyasha Katena

Date: 17/03/2023

The World Health Organization (WHO) committee Began with the main submitters of resolutions going to the approval panel to approve their resolutions. At the end of the day only two resolutions were approved by the time the debate began. The debate began with topic 2 which was addresses the issue of Dieting and Obesity. After the break, we continued to debate the second resolution from the first block which was about Preventing and Combatting human organ Trafficking.  Two delegates were expelled from the room for laughing during the debate. The delegate of Brazil apologized for an emotional outburst they had during the debate and the Delegate of Ethiopia had a few words to say to the delegate of Brazil. The debate continued well without anymore controversial issues.

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