The brief biographies that each of your chairs has written should assist you as delegates in getting to know them better.

Economic and Social Council

Benedict Munyoro:

Hello, my name is Benedict Munyoro, I am 18 years old and I attend St. John’s College. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time doing MUN as both a delegate and a chair having started MUN in 2019, I’ve attended more conferences than I can count. I am currently a member of the St. John’s MUN secretariat. I don’t really have very many hobbies but one of my favourite things to do is just spending time outside for anything at all! Looking forward to being your chair!

Natasha Mutati Madza:

Hello, my name is Natasha Mutati Madza and I will be co-chairing the ECOSOC committee. I am currently in sixth form attending Westridge High School. I am half Zambian and half Zimbabwean. I have plenty of MUN experience and have been a part of the Model United Nations club since I was in Form One. I enjoy participating in clubs that challenge me and elevate my knowledge about the world and the people around me thus I am also a member of our school’s Debate club and Interact Society.

Security Council

Gugulethu Gava:

Hi everyone! My name is Gugulethu Gava, I am 17 years old and studying at the Hellenic Academy. I enjoy taking part in Model United Nations particularly the conferences I’ve attended in and outside of Zimbabwe for the past three years. My most memorable conference is an international MUN conference I attended in the Netherlands exposing me to individuals from a range of backgrounds with differing perspectives on the issues we addressed. I’m excited to be your Security Council chair, I hope all my delegates are prepared for the flow of debate in this committee. An interesting thing about me is that I hate seafood but strangely enough, I love sushi!

Tanatswa Havadi:

My name is Tanatswa Havadi and I’m a 17-year-old currently in my last year of high school at St George’s College. Although I haven’t been a part of the Model United Nations community for as long as my other chairs, I bring an element that many overlook: the element to push myself, especially in unfamiliar situations and environments, the very essence of Model United Nations. Interestingly enough, it was my 10 years in Japan that opened up this awareness that nations all over the world share different cultures and values that make up their very democracy or lack thereof. This contrast of life in Japan and back home in Zimbabwe developed this keen interest in me to further expand my knowledge and understanding of the various inner workings of nations worldwide and why exactly different nations reacted to similar situations in such contrasting manners. I never got the opportunity to exercise this inner awareness until recently during my O’Level years when I was welcomed into the community of Model United Nations, and I’m more than excited to learn and grow from my time at ZIMUN alongside the many delegates and chairs that will allow me to grow from their own experiences that go beyond mine.

African Union

Zachary Gardener-Hutchinson:

Hello, my name is Zachary Gardner-Hutchinson and I will be the Co-Chair for the African Union. I am currently at Harare International School, I have over three years of experience in Model United Nations and this is my first time chairing a conference. I’m from the UK, but I’ve spent most of my life in Africa having lived in Kenya for a number of years before moving to Zimbabwe. I thoroughly enjoyed my first few conferences in Kenya including the East African Model United Nations conference held in the official United Nations Office which was pretty exciting. Aside from MUN, I enjoy playing football and hockey, debating and playing the guitar. I look forward to an interesting conference.

Wilcox Mutizwa:

Hello, my name is Wilcox Mutizwa, and I’m currently in Form 4 studying at St John’s College. Although some may think I’m quite young to be a chair, I have plenty of experience having attended 6 conferences in the past few years. My MUN experience equips me with the knowledge required to be an excellent chair for this committee. One of my greatest interests is learning how to code, I’m certain it will open a lot of doors for me in the future. I’m also very passionate about drama and theatre, it allows me to create and express my passion for the arts.

World Health Organization

Panashe Matina: 

Hi, my name is Panashe Matina and I’m 18 years old. I’m an upper-six student attending Ecole Française de Harare (The French School of Harare). I’ve had quite an eventful first year of participating in the MUN club having attended 4 conferences. In the few conferences I’ve attended, I’ve been awarded the most promising delegate followed by a handful of honourable mentions. I have a natural knack for debate and this helps me excel in the club. Regarding my hobbies, I see myself as an active person as I thoroughly enjoy running track and frequently play team sports like football and basketball.

Ethan Kruger:

Hello, my name is Ethan Kruger, I am 16 years old and attending St. John’s College. I am currently the executive officer of MUN and I was the youngest delegate in St. John’s to start debating at the age of 13 (form 1) I have 4 years of experience in debate and chairing. I have had a passion for debate and political issues from a very young age hence why I am highly enthusiastic about MUN. A little bit about me is I am a Zimbabwe swimmer I also play 1st team waterpolo aswell as rugby. I am also very passionate about the medical field and I am currently the youngest qualified medic in Zimbabwe having done vast amounts of training ranging from biomedical science to corpuscular surgery. I’ve also worked for local hospitals and surgeries in Chimanimani. Currently, I am working for lifelike emergency rescue services in the Advanced Cardiac Life Support department. 

Human Rights Council

Caitline Gwede:

Hello, my name is Caitline Gwede, and I am 17 years old. I am currently in my last year of school at Girls’ College in the sixth form. For the past one and a half years I have enjoyed being a member of the Model United Nations club having joined the club when I was in Form 4. In this one and a half years I’ve attended a number of conferences around Zimbabwe as a delegate and thoroughly enjoyed the exciting debates with delegates from different schools. I am very excited to be chairing the Human Rights Council and I am looking forward to witnessing the debates that will bring this committee to life. Additionally, in my free time, I frequently enjoy reading books and cooking and baking are some of my greatest passions. 

Abbas Mohamed:

Hello, my name is Abbass Mohammed and I attend the Hellenic Academy. I am 17 years old. Something interesting about me is that I am a proud supporter of the world’s greatest football team LIVERPOOL! #YNWA

General Assembly

Frida Ndenzako:

Hello everyone! Currently enrolled in my final year of high school at Arundel School, I, Frida, am an eighteen-year-old girl. When I’m not doing school work I spend my time watching films and really enjoy reading books. Having only been involved in MUN for almost a year, I am delighted to have the opportunity be one of your chairs for ZIMUN X 2024 and excited to be a part of this conference. I implore you all to arrive well-prepared and with your thinking caps on. I’m hoping we’ll see some exciting debates in this committee. I can’t wait to meet each and every one of you!

Sèbatstian Loney:

Hi, my name is Sebastian Loney and I will be the head chair for the General Assembly at ZIMUN. I am 18 years old and currently, in upper 6 at Hellenic Academy, I would describe myself as somewhat of a veteran when it comes to MUN having joined the society 4 years ago. Many have described my debate style as unorthodox and at times unhinged. There is very little I haven’t seen or done when it comes to the MUN arena however my excitement for ZIMUN is brewing as I look to step into the shoes of a Head chair and embrace the challenges that come with the role. One interesting fact about me is that I am a die-hard Manchester United fan an experience that has taught me how to deal with disappointment, a quality that should be useful when it comes to reviewing some of the disappointing amendments I’m sure delegates will put forward.

Commission on Science and Technology for Development

Kayla Dzoro:

My name is Kayla Dzoro and I am a proud lady of Dominican Convent High School Harare. Model United Nations has held my hand through the struggles of school for two years and counting. As a Toastmaster, member of Interact and former debater, I can say being Secretary-General is one of my biggest accomplishments. I am beyond grateful to be adding being a chair at ZIMUN, yet again, to the list.

Takunda Muringani:

Hello, my name is Takunda Muringani and I am 18 years old. I am in sixth form, currently finishing my studies at Girls’ College. My experiences and participation in the Model United Nations club have formed a great part of my identity as it has significantly improved my confidence as well as my public speaking skills. I have been part of this club since I was in Form 3 and attended many conferences in Zimbabwe. These three years of experience equip me with the necessary knowledge of the flow of debate and MUN procedure to be the best chair that the Commission on Science and Technology for Development has ever seen. I am very excited to witness my delegates debate the issues in this committee and come up with innovative solutions. Additionally, in my free time, I enjoy playing tennis and chess at a competitive level.