2018 Committees

2018 Committees


General Assembly

Population management: Making family planning universally accessible Research Report

Providing open, free access to universal internet Research Report

Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

Addressing the exploitation of migrant workers in the middle east Research Report

Measures to reduce instability in oil producing nations Research Report

Economic and Financial Committee

Addressing universal wage issues in the era of unemployment through automation Research Report

Measures against fiscal fraud through cryptocurrencies Research Report

Security Council

Reducing the threat of Nuclear Conflict Research Report

Reforming the UN for its 75th anniversary Research Report

Environment Commission

Promoting the techniques and use of biodegradable materials in LEDCs Research Report

Efforts in protecting the remaining wild Rhinoceros Research Report

Human Rights Commission

Addressing child marriage in Africa Research Report 

Ensuring the cessation of the slave trade in Libya Research Report

Advisory Panel

Measures in halting the Rohingya persecution in Myanmar Research Report

Question of the sovereignty of Hong Kong Research Report