UNSC – Introduction

UNSC – Introduction

Michelle Muzorewa

Date: 16/03/2023

 The UNSC is ready to begin debate! The chairs reported that Security Council has been a vibrant room thus far with a balance of formality and enjoyment. They hope to have fruitful debates, receive difficult questions from those on the floor, spark innovative ideas, and overall have a good time!

They were fortunate to have a key note speaker and fellow parent at Harare International School, Alex Ave-Lallemant. 

”Mr. Ave – Lallement was nothing short of an inspiration to all the members in the room. He spoke on the issue of terrorism and provided useful details that unanimously left us all well-educated. Not only did he implore us to be the change and give us the tools but he told us many interesting stories about his experiences in diplomacy and what led him to the path. His presence was greatly appreciated”  – Chenai Sabeta – Boadi, Chair of UNSC 

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