Dear MUN Directors and Secretary Generals,

We are excited to cordially invite you to participate in the 4th annual Zimbabwe Model United Nations ( ZiMUN ) conference, hosted by the Harare International School in Harare, Zimbabwe.

ZiMUN is a three day conference held from the March 14-17, 2019, in which delegates will participate in fruitful and engaging debates. ZiMUN 2019 will focus on the response to, and prevention of current world issues, in line with this year’s conference theme: A World in Crisis.

Each committee is tasked with finding feasible and sustainable solutions to various world crises. The conference also features enriching workshops and presentations lead by experts, keynote speakers and innovative leaders, who offer both international and local perspectives on the relevant issues the delegates will be debating. Some delegates will receive a visit from the ambassador their assigned country, giving them a chance to share their ideas and arguments with a senior diplomat.  

ZiMUN is focused on accommodating new delegates who would like to gain more confidence in their debating skills and MUN knowledge. Younger delegates are encouraged and a special committee for newcomers to MUN will be arranged with sufficient demand from our participating schools. In addition, ZiMUN enhances the skills of experienced delegates through our wide range of committee topics and conversations with experts.

Additionally, the use of the Harare International School homestay accommodation structure allows for international & visiting students to connect with the Zimbabwean community and culture, gaining perspective about life in Southern Africa.

We hope that you will consider participating in this unique opportunity, and look forward to your response.

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