Environmental Comission: Day 2 Debate

Environmental Comission: Day 2 Debate

Maya Dijakovic

New York Times

15 March 2019

To start, the delegates received a special guest speaker (Rob Janisch), to discuss the topic of ivory trade, and why the resolution had failed to go through. Mr. Janisch got the delegates very engaged with the discussion and he shared his thoughts on why the ivory trade is making so much profit, illegally.

The resolution that was to be debated was presented by the delegate of the United Arab Emirates. It involved ensuring that waste products are recycled, and  all member states raise public awareness about the issue of waste and adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle. During the opening speech, the delegate of the UAE made very shocking points, describing the situation the planet will be in if humanity continues their path of destruction. Once the opening speech was concluded, the delegate opened herself up to 5 points of information. Throughout the debate, many back and forth conversations between the delegate of the UAE and multiple other delegates. It is necessary to note that the delegate of the UAE managed to answer all questions with 100% certainty.


  • The delegate of the South Africa proposed two multiple friendly amendments to change the wording of clauses. Both of the attempts were passed as friendly amendments.
  • The delegate of Pakistan suggested the scrapping of operative clause 6, as it was not relevant to the issue at hand. Three points of information were in order, and the delegate of Vietnam brought to light that moving the waste production will allow the other clauses to control the production of waste. The delegate of Pakistan followed up: “While I do understand, the clause alone will not change the waste production, [rather it will] only [change] the location of it.
    • The delegate of South Africa objected, as she believed that the delegate of Pakistan did not answer the question with 100% accuracy.
    • After the voting process was completed, the amendment was not passed

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