Advisory Panel: Afternoon Debate

Advisory Panel: Afternoon Debate

Shaah kamurko

Reuters newspaper

14 march 2019

The Advisory Panel debate began with handing out the new clauses to prepare for debate. The clauses were produced by the delegate of the United States of America. The delegate of USA took the stand to explain her resolution regarding the laws of immigration through the USA. The delegate of South Sudan had the first response as she questioned one of clauses followed by the delegate if Ethiopia and the DRC. The delegate of the DRC felt as though his question was not answered and proceeded to follows up without the permission of the chairs causing commotion in the room mainly by the delegate of Spain. The DRC continued to follow up with thrilling questions such as “Is it true that you think that women are a minority” referring to the clause mentioning the lack of work and jobs available to the women. The delegate of the United States dodges the question. The answer that was given was noticed by the delegate of the Spain. After a general consensus for an objection made by Spain, the delegate of Chad asked how the immigrants will be promoted world wide and questions some of the contradictions made by the delegate of the USA. the delegate of Ethiopia makes a “joke” which cause the room to giggle as he attacked the vague clauses that calls women a minority. The chairs proceeded to ask the delegate of Spain to control his outbursts.

The delegates of Kenya, Qatar, Russia continue to ask general questions. The delegate of Ethiopia was asked to come forward to explain his objection of clause B. The delegate thought that it was inaccurate and repetitive and should generally be scrapped. The delegate of Chad and Spain object to his objection with little information to backup their understanding. The chairs yield the floor to the delegate of Spain. The delegate of Spain responded, “No”when a vote was held. After a few more points of discussion the delegate of USA sends a “mean note” to Ethiopia and the delegate of USA responds with a slight nod and nothing more.

The delegates of Chad, Ethiopia, DRC, and the United States continue to pass notes and carry the discussion adding humor, sarcasm and continuous objections and interjections between each other’s speeches which continues to “annoy” the chairs. The discussion ended with a vote for or against the clause. The clause did not end up being passed due to the rule that the entire group had to agree on it before it could be approved by the council.

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