General Assembly: Introductions and Debate

General Assembly: Introductions and Debate

Makaitaishe Maponga

The Herald Newspaper

14 March 2019

To start the morning off, the chairs began with role call (5 delegates were absent at the time)  a brief presentation on the rules and regulations of the Model United Nations conference, as well as explaining the expected vocabulary that is to be used during all debates. The chair has don role call and is now explaining how MUN is conducted and the rules.

The first resolution that was to be debated was to do with the following:

Legalization of cannabis for medical and recreational use

The delegate of Argentine spoke against the resolution, however they are on the side of pushing the legalization of Cannabis. During the course of the debate, the delegate of Germany asked why the delegate of Thailand is criminalizing the use of cannabis when they want to use it for medical purposes? The delegate of Finland also spoke about the positives regarding the use of cannabis in the medical sector.

The resolution was not passed due to the overwhelming majority voting against this resolution.

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