Interview with Communications Officer, Megan Kadzirange

Interview with Communications Officer, Megan Kadzirange

Interview with Communications Officer, Megan Kadzirange
Reporter: Thandeka Mangwiro

How do you think MUN is going to be like this year?
I personally think that MUN is going to be and amazing year, Our theme “A world in Crisis” is one
that I feel is especially relevant today, especially when you go to BBC and Sky News and all these
news outlets, it always seems like there is some crisis that our world is always in and i think it’s
really important as the upcoming and future leaders in generation that it’s important that we not
only are aware of these situations but we actually try to find tangible solutions to them and I think
this ZIMUN Conference is a great way for us to do that, I think it’s an amazing way for young
people to get involved and understand what is going on in the world and to share ideas. I think it’s
going to be amazing

How do you feel about the topics that are being debated?
I am really excited about the topics that are being debated, I feel that each and every one is especially
relevant, especially to the rooms. I think it so important that in each room, in each committee
people focus on the main demographic and the main issue that is being addressed and with the setup
of Model United Nations it’s a great way for people to do that. In particular ones, dealing in Human
Rights, obviously human rights is an issue that we are constantly dealing with and constantly facing
in our world and I think it’s so important we really engage with these topics.

What rooms do you think is interesting to debate about in your perspective?
My personal favourite is of course human rights,I am very passionate about human rights so i feel
like the topics that have been chosen are ones that have been tackled before but haven’t been tackled
from particular angles and I think looking at our specific situation with ZIMUN how we have varse
diversity and varse people with different perspectives, it will be really interesting to see how all
those elements can contribute to all the solutions we come up with.

How long have you been doing MUN?
I have been doing MUN for about 4 years now, I started in 8th grade as a delegate then advanced in
10th grade and became a chair for ZIMUN for the General Assembly and this year I am
participating as part of the executive team.

What is the significance of MUN in schools?
I think MUN in schools and MUN in general is one of the best extracurricular activities that can be
offered at a school. I think it’s a great way firstly for young people to get involved in the issues of
today and to be well versed in them and gain knowledge on them, but more so than that it is a great
way for them to have a voice and have a chance to gain confidence and speak up and immerse
themselves in issues that they are passionate about. I know it’s very important for young people to
be passionate and to have courage in whatever they do and I think MUN is a definitely great way
for people to develop that.. I think also there are a lot of skills that can be obtained, definitely, public
speaking skills, but also in terms of formality, how to present oneself in a formal manner, how to
diplomatically have a conversation about people, how to argue diplomatically, how to reach a
conclusion from different perspectives and I think all of this, and as well as the emotion in relevant
issues, is why I think MUN is very important.

Do you think the issues in your room will come to a conclusion?
It’s more so whether we will be able to come to enough conclusions whereby we can take the first
steps forward in the right directions. I think all rooms are by far capable of that. I think the
collaboration of all the different people representing all different countries from different
perspectives will allow for people to reach these conclusions and take the first steps and find
solutions and this is what I feel like is most important about Model United Nations.

Any words for the delegates coming?
For the delegates, I encourage all of them to put 200% into this conference, we have worked really
hard to create and environment where we can have fruitful debate and interesting conversation and
learn lots about the topic at hand and immerse ourselves in the issues of today. I really urge all
delegates to be fully present and engage as much as possible. For the newer delegates who I know
this experience might be a bit scary, especially if this may be their first major conference, I
encourage them especially even more so to contribute as much they can because this can truly be
and eye opening and life changing experience. I know that we don’t always get opportunities where
we have collaboration between local and international schools, I really see this as an opportunity for
delegates to have a lot of fun with a lot of people.

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